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In this post, we would like to talk about the great transformation of Magic World Entertainment Center within Vadi Istanbul Mall. In this project where brick-looking wall panel Burton White of the DC Panel Brick Series, mixed-colored brick-looking Burton Ala and brick and concrete-looking Nuvola Ala of the Design Series were used, we created an ambience which makes onlookers feel that they have traveled into the future.

We wanted to share this project in particular, because we need to play and have more fun especially in these times that we live in. We’ve all been exposed to the idea that success can only happen as a result of hard work. Yet games and entertainment play a big role in achieving our goals. Although the importance of fun is obvious, unfortunately most of us either forget to spoil ourselves about having fun, or we let other responsibilities outweigh.

As the DC Panel family, who has added excitement to many different spaces to date, we are proud to be the first choice for theme parks that both our children and we adults love.

Nuvola Ala

The unfinished look added to your space by Nuvola Ala, one of the up-and-coming models of the Design Series in which concrete and bricks are used together, arouses a feeling that it can continue to be processed any time although it hasn’t changed for years.

m2700 burton ala tugla gorunumlu fiber duvar paneli 2

Burton Ala

With its rustic appearance and striking colors, this model is ideal for those who seek vividness and dynamism in their living and working spaces.

m1001 burton beyaz tugla gorunumlu fiber duvar paneli 1

Burton White

Burton model which has a blend brick appearance is manufactured in 4 colors as earth, ecru, anthracite and white and it adds an ethnic and peaceful mood into the living spaces with its unique real-like texture.

geometrica star en

Discover our new star: the Geometrica Series

Developed by DC Panel as a tribute to the nature, fiber wall panels with geometric patterned tile look invite you into the universal world of mathematics with their rich patterns and colors that give modern reinterpretations to retro movements, their ease of installation and use.

sloganimiz mutluluk

Our motto is happiness!

We feel happy when we are all body, mind and spirit, and when our loved ones are with us. Happiness is not wanting to be anywhere else. Life is just like it should be in such moments. At DC Panel, we work around the clock to create living spaces that make you happy. We continuously revise and improve our capabilities to offer you new and better products on a regular basis.

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