fitcity capacity tas tugla ahsap beton gorunumlu fiber duvar paneli

Suppose you have moved or are planning to move to a new home or office. As such, monotonous spaces no longer appeal to you, you are looking for something new and different to add color to your life. In this article, we will talk about the advantages of choosing a brick-looking wall panel when decorating your home or office. We hope that our article will help you make the right decision by answering many questions that arise in your mind.

What did we say? In your new home or workplace, you want to create personalized environments that will reflect your personal taste and enjoy pleasant moments with your loved ones and customers. New beginnings excite you, on the other hand the decoration work looms large in your mind. Bad experiences of the past come before you. Not being able to move because of the endless renovation works, the need for frequent renovation especially in restaurants and cafes, construction debris including cement, gypsum and sand, and many other problems push you to seek alternative solutions.

At this very stage, decorative wall panels with brick look attract your attention. You think it might be a practical and elegant solution to apply in your new home or workplace, but you have difficulty deciding. You look for online resources to solve the question marks in your mind, but you can’t find the answers to your questions…

As one of Turkey’s leading manufacturers of decorative fiber panels, we have prepared this post to try and answer the question marks that appear in your head. Actually, there’s not much to think about. If you ask why, the brick-looking wall panel has numerous advantages, from rich pattern and color options to ease of installation and use, durability and health and environment friendliness. Let’s take a look at these advantages together:

Does wall panel with brick look create a realistic impression?

Decorative fiber wall panels give a brick-like appearance in terms of pattern and color, and thanks to their realistic textures, they give you the feeling of real brick when you touch them. What’s more, all models have pattern continuity, so you get the closest look to natural on the surfaces you apply.

Where can wall panel with brick look be used?

Wall panels made of polyester, fiberglass and stone dust look like bricks and can be applied to all rough surfaces including ceiling surfaces with the help of screws and dowels. This is an extremely important advantage that liberates you from a design point of view. Fiber wall panels, which you can easily use indoors and outdoors, are not affected by outdoor elements such as rain, sunlight and ultraviolet rays. Moreover, since they are impervious to water and moisture, they can be used in places such as kitchens and bathrooms, and also on surfaces exposed to intense sunlight or heat thanks to the B1 class flame retardancy. What else does one want?

Is wall panel with brick look easy to use?

With its rich pattern and color options, you can say goodbye to many problems in the application and usage phases with the brick-looking wall panel. Paint and insulation costs, regional spillage and joint gaps typically occurring in natural stone applications, as well as construction pollution such as cement, gypsum and sand go down in history with fiber wall panels.

Can wall panel with brick look be applied easily?

Easily drilled fiber wall panels can be cut easily to the desired dimensions by using jigsaw or diamond saw. Thanks to their flexible structure, they can be applied to areas such as vaults and arches by giving oval and curved forms and can be used to cover fireplaces and columns. What’s more, you can easily paint fiber wall panels to any color. Thanks to the screw fixing method, it is very practical and effortless to apply in restaurants and cafes that require decoration changes. With easy disassembly feature, they can be applied to a different area after being disassembled and resized.

What other advantages does wall panel with brick look offer?

The advantages of fiber wall panels are not limited to the above. Decorative fiber panels have high impact resistance due to their shock absorbing properties. If you want, you can hang decorative materials on coated surfaces and use it for designing decors in showcase and exhibition stands. Fiber wall panels do not cause any damage to the mounting surface except the screw holes.

Does wall panel with brick look require maintenance?

Fiber wall panel, which does not require building and construction permits, is more practical, lightweight, long lasting and useful than natural stone applications. It is washable / cleanable and does not require extra maintenance. And last but not least, brick-like fiber wall panels are environmentally friendly and contain no carcinogenic or health-hazardous substances.

We hope that this post has addressed all the questions you may have about fiber wall panel with brick look. Should you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us.

We wish you a healthy, happy and peaceful life spent in enjoyable spaces.

Some Examples of Brick Wall Panels

burton akro deserto tugla gorunumlu fiber duvar paneli

Burton Akro Deserto

Making difference and creating warmness in every place that it is used, Burton Akro is preferred in many places from loft venues to chalets, from workplaces to gyms. Would you like to invite this uniqueness into your homes?

m3325 burton nova ala tugla gorunumlu fiber duvar paneli 1 900x506 1

Burton Nova Ala

Burton Nova is the newest member of the brick family. A young, dynamic and strong model of clay brick with sharper lines. Coming in rich and innovative color combinations, it is a different approach to brick to differentiate your spaces.

m1006 burton siyah tugla gorunumlu fiber duvar paneli

Burton Black

Burton model which has a blend brick appearance is manufactured in four different colors as earth, ecru, anthracite and white and it adds an ethnic and peaceful mood into the living spaces with its unique real-like texture.

m3325 burton nova ala tugla gorunumlu fiber duvar paneli 1 900x506 1

Tempesta Spirit

Tempesta is a chic and light brand-new model which combines firebrick with modern design with vertically stacked bricks in between. It is a new approach to brick with innovative color combinations for differentiating your spaces.

Our Brick Series video is online!

Bricks have accompanied the story of mankind since the beginning of civilization and have a special place in the lives of many of us today. Life is surely more enjoyable with brick wall panels, the first choice of those who want to lively up their spaces. The video of the story of Brick Series, one of the earliest product families of DC Panel, is now online on our

YouTube channel

tugla serisi videosu image4 900x506 1
sorunsuz uygulama2 769x506 1

All you need to do is dream…

As DC Panel family, if there is anything we care more about than developing new products, it is the quality of the experience we offer to our customers. We take all the necessary steps to create the spaces you dream of in a comfortable and enjoyable way. Thanks to our lifelike decorative wall panels which are manufactured through extensive R&D testing and their unique application method, you will have no problems during installation.

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